Task 46 held its 5th Task Expert Meeting in St. Pierre on the French Island of La Reúnion

Task 46 held its 5th Task Expert Meeting in St. Pierre on the French Island of La Reúnion, located in the Southern Indian Ocean 800 km east of Madagascar, on 15-16 April. The University of La Reúnion's Laboratory PIMENT hosted the meeting.

Fifteen Task Experts, including all four Subtask Leaders, presented recent accomplishments in critical topical areas such as improved understand of solar resource variability for utility operations, solar resource forecasting methodologies, solar measurement best practices, merging of ground and satellite-based data for producing Typical Meteorological Year data sets, and research on improved satellite retrieval methods. Much of this work has been recently published and will be posted to the IEA-SHC Task 46 web site in the Publications section.

SeveralTask observers and a few students from the University also participated, and a few of the students gave brief presentations on their thesis work. Updates and modifications to the schedule and deliverables of some of the Activities in the Task Work Plan were also made.Following the 2-day meeting the participants were treated to a day trip to the volcano park area in the center of the island. The 6th Task Expert Meeting has been proposed to be held at Almaría in southern Spain at the end of January 2015.


VIDEO : Loca'terre - Prévoir la ressource solaire

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