International Conference on Sensitivity Analysis of Model Output - December 2016, Reunion Island

Organized by

PIMENT Laboratory (EA 4518), University of Reunion Island, Le Tampon, Reunion

Econometrics and Applied Statistics Unit, European Commission - Joint Research Centre, Ispra, Italy


Modelling activities are steadily increasing in all scientific disciplines, ranging from financial to environmental assessments. Sensitivity analysis is crucial both in the modeling phase and in the interpretation of model results. Sensitivity analysis contributes to model development, model calibration, model validation, reliability and robustness analysis, decision-making under uncertainty, quality-assurance, and model reduction.

The SAMO conference is devoted to advances in research on sensitivity analysis methods and their interdisciplinary applications. The SAMO conferences are held every three years. The aim of the SAMO conferences is to bring together users of sensitivity analysis in all disciplines of science. Sensitivity analysis methods are powerful tools in physics, operations research, chemistry, biology, engineering, environmental science, nuclear and industrial safety, economics and finance.

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